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Project: Pequot Library Architect: Robert H. Robertson Location: Southport, CT.

The time is now...

Pequot Library’s iconic Ludowici terra cotta tile roof constitutes half of the entire building, protecting all of the library’s treasures inside. Now, it needs our help. 

Last year, a Needs Assessment Report produced by leading architecture firm Pirie Associates indicated that roof rehabilitation is an urgent priority, to stabilize and preserve the integrity of our beloved building. While some temporary and, unfortunately, unsuccessful stop-gap repairs have been attempted over the decades, the roof still suffers significant leaks in numerous areas of the building. This time we need to do it right, and allow our beloved library to survive another 125 years. The roof rehabilitation project is a complicated one which requires highly skilled, experienced craftsman. The original underlayment, as well as the tile overlay of the roof, must be replaced.

The leadership of Pequot Library initiated this restoration work in Summer 2020, raising a portion of the $1.5 million dollars required for this critical project.

The Board of Trustees, staff and members of the Campaign Committee are asking for your support of this essential project. We know that the community needs Pequot Library—perhaps more than ever before—as a place of culture, learning and resources which are, as our founder phrased it, “Free As Air to All.”

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“"Under every roof, a story, just as behind every brow, a history." ”

— - Gregory Maguire, author of "Wicked"


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