On Display Now | June 20 - August 24

Summer by the Sea: Sloop Logs and Ledgers

Peel back the layers of Southport’s history to reveal a vibrant and thriving harbor town, once hailed as the “Onion Capital of the World” in the mid-19th century. Summer by the Sea: Sloop Logs and Ledgers features 19th-century sloop logs and ledgers from Pequot Library’s Special Collections illustrating this rich maritime legacy. Filled with notable Fairfield family names, these volumes capture the daily details of harbor life and emphasize the preeminent role of the Southport Harbor on the New England coast. Explore the Southport of yesteryear through the works on display from the Library’s collections of historic photography. Track Southport’s evolution from a working harbor and shipping grounds to a quaint village and sailor’s paradise.

Executive Director Stephanie J. Coakley, Rare Books Specialist Dr. Jaime Cumby, and local historian Richard “Deej” Webb deliver introductory remarks at the exhibit’s opening reception. Click the link below:

Watch | Director Stephanie Coakley, Dr. Jamie Cumby Opening Reception

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