Books for Teachers

In 2003, the Renée B. Fisher Foundation had a simple idea: to provide an abundance of books of all types and subjects to children whose access to reading materials might be limited. What better place to find a rich resource of books at affordable prices than a library book sale? Who better to drive student access to learning than their teachers? To achieve this mission, the Renée B. Fisher Foundation and Pequot Library have partnered for nearly 20 years to put books in the hands of students through Books for Teachers, an award program that provides Bridgeport and New Haven public school teachers with $100 award vouchers for free books and media at Pequot Library’s Summer Book Sale.

Are you a Bridgeport or New Haven public school teacher looking to grow your classroom library? Apply below.


Books for Teachers applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis to receive a $100 award voucher for free books and media at Pequot Library’s Summer Book Sale. Thousands of new and gently used books and recordings from more than 60 categories (including non-fiction, classics, poetry, art, history, science, and more) will be for sale at this spectacular five day event.

To apply for your $100 award voucher for free classroom books, please complete the form below.

2019 Books for Teachers applications are currently closed. Thank you for your interest!

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