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Pequot Library supports professors and students with research projects by offering access to our Special Collections, by appointment with a librarian, and providing history tours of the Library. Through interactive experiences with the primary source material found in Pequot Library’s Special Collections, our programs spark curiosity, foster critical thinking, and inspire students to share insights and perspectives.

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History Tours

Pequot Library Past & Present: Our Building Tells a Story

What were libraries like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Did they serve communities then in the same way that they do now? Learn about the history of Pequot Library – an architectural treasure located near the site of the last great battle of the Pequot War and listed in the National Register of Historic Places – including our founders and their mission, the acquisition of our Special Collections and why they are important, and the contributions the Library has made to our community since its opening in 1894. Journey back in time while exploring our historic building as a primary source that tells the story of our past, through our original steel stacks, fireplaces, glass floors, and Tiffany & Co. stained glass windows. View items from our Special Collections held in our Rare Books Reading Rooms; examine historic photographs of Pequot Library and Southport. Monday-Friday. 90 minutes. $5 per student. Curriculum Connection: History/Social Studies.

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Bringing History to Life: Special Collections Exhibitions Tours

Examine the primary source material on display in our ongoing series of Special Collections exhibitions. Hold and read from rare books, manuscripts, and archives. Discuss the historical importance of primary source material and its relevance in the 21st century through analysis of themes that are universal to the human experience and collaborative art and writing activities that foster reflection and critical and creative thinking. Monday-Friday. Two hours. $5 per student. Curriculum Connection: History, English, Art.

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Support for Research Projects

Pequot Library supports students with research projects by offering access to our Special Collections by appointment with a librarian. To schedule an appointment, contact Please allow 48 hours’ notice.

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