Learn more about the grassroots opposition to the proposed transmission line project.

Visit empoweringfairfield.org and uirailroadtlineupgrades.com/index.htm for more information.


1) Save the date: November 28 at 2:00 p.m. for the next Evidentiary Hearing Zoom Meeting.
Please log on for the next CT Siting Council public hearing. There is no public comment; however community attendance is essential for showing our solidarity!

2) Consider adding your opinion on the proposed application to the public record by sending an email to siting.council@ct.gov. Subject heading Docket #516.  For more information about the pending matter, please click here.

3) Contribute your talents to Pequot Library’s Yarn Art project that aims to increase awareness and community action about the proposed permanent tree clearing as part of the current UI proposed project, including a majestic oak tree that may be as old as 100-125 years located at the northwest corner of the library’s rear property.

4) Make a donation to support SCNETI’s legal costs by visiting empoweringfairfield.org