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Interactive Programs

Pequot Library’s wide selection of primary source material, such as letters, photographs, maps, early-edition books, manuscripts, and other ephemera, is available for students to explore through our interactive school programs.

K-12 & Homeschool Programs

School Programs are available September-June, Monday through Friday during Library hours, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Our school programs offer curriculum-based experiences in History/Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Music, Library Media, and Art and include:

  • Inquiry-based, hands-on experiences with primary source material through Special Collections exhibitions tours and Pequot Library Building and History tours
  • Interactive, interdisciplinary experiences with orchestral musicians and instruments
  • Access to our rich collection of archives, as well as our circulating collection of contemporary works, for research and learning.

Have a specific learning goal in mind? We’ll collaborate with you to customize a program that meets the needs of your students and your curriculum.

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History Tours

Pequot Library Past & Present: Our Building Tells a Story

What were libraries like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Did they serve communities then in the same way that they do now? Learn about the history of Pequot Library – an architectural treasure located near the site of the last great battle of the Pequot War and listed in the National Register of Historic Places – including our founders and their mission, the acquisition of our Special Collections and why they are important, and the contributions the Library has made to our community since its opening in 1894. Journey back in time while exploring our historic building as a primary source that tells the story of our past, through our original steel stacks, fireplaces, glass floors, and Tiffany & Co. stained glass windows. View items from our Special Collections held in our Rare Books Reading Rooms; examine historic photographs of Pequot Library and Southport. Monday-Friday. 90 minutes. $5 per student. Curriculum Connection: History/Social Studies.

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Bringing History to Life: Special Collections Exhibitions Tours 

Examine the primary source material on display in our ongoing series of Special Collections exhibitions. Hold and read from rare books, manuscripts, and archives. Discuss the historical importance of primary source material and its relevance in the 21st century through analysis of themes that are universal to the human experience and collaborative art and writing activities that foster reflection and critical and creative thinking. Monday-Friday. Two hours. $5 per student. Curriculum Connection: History/Social Studies; English/Language Arts; Art.

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Library Literacy: Learn about the Library

Learn how to utilize Pequot Library’s circulating collection to find, interpret, and share information. In small groups, students:

  • Discover the many resources Pequot Library offers learners.
  • Gain an understanding of the different types of literary genres that exist, how they may be used for learning, and how they’re organized at Pequot Library.
  • Learn how to find and check out books at Pequot Library.
  • Participate in a hands-on activity that connects lessons from the Library with classroom learning goals.

Monday-Friday. 90 minutes. $5 per student. Curriculum Connections: Library Media, English/Language Arts

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Meet the Orchestra: Concert Series for Students

Music for Youth and Pequot Library are proud to partner for a new concert series designed to introduce children to a variety of musical instruments. Building from the successful 20-year Free Young Persons’ Concert Series, each hour-long performance will be an interactive and interdisciplinary musical journey, allowing young children a chance to dance, draw, or create their own musical arrangements based on the repertoire being performed. Hear world-class musicians perform in Pequot Library’s beautiful auditorium. Each concert will be held in the round with children sitting on blankets and pillows to allow a close view of each instrument. Open to students in grades pre-K to 6. One hour. $10 per student, or $30 per student for concert series. Free for Bridgeport Public Schools students.

Series Schedule:
October: Colors of Music
As summer turns to fall, discover how music can help us visualize colors. Take a sketch pad and draw what you hear – autumn leaves falling, snowy fields, or sunny beaches.

January: Move with Music
Join our percussionists and move to the rhythms you hear!

April: The Moods of Music
Why does music move us so deeply, and why is it so powerful? Come explore how music can reflect our feelings during a special musical journey, and create a new piece of music based on the feelings experienced during the performance. This original piece will then be performed as the grand finale of the concert.

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