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Explore Pequot Library

Explore Pequot Library, an architectural treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places, through our virtual building and history tour.

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After taking a virtual tour, dig a little deeper with these activities for grades K-6.


Picture Pequot Library (Grades K-6)

Create your own version of Pequot Library! Draw, paint, build; use technology or recycled materials; the options are endless!  Use your creativity to put your own spin on Fairfield’s iconic library building.

Library Shape Hunt (Grades K-2)

Learn how shapes create patterns in architecture by identifying and counting the circles, squares, triangles, and other geometric forms found in Pequot Library’s building design. Which shapes do you see the most?  How can shapes be used to design other types of buildings?  For an add-on activity, combine with ‘Picture Pequot’ and let your creativity flow!

Social Studies:

Primary Source Analysis: Photographs

Take a step back in time to explore what Pequot Library was like during the 19th century. Using worksheets from the National Archives, analyze historic photos to learn about Pequot’s history. Compare images from Pequot’s past to images of the library from today, while considering what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Lesson Plan_Pequot Library Then and Now  (Grades 3-6)

Analyze historic photographs from Pequot Library’s Southport Picture File, using worksheets from the National Archives. Grades K-6.

Primary Source Lesson: Photographs

Worksheets from the National Archives:
Photo Analysis Worksheet for Novice or Younger Students, or Those Learning English

Photo Analysis Worksheet for Intermediate or Secondary Students 


Tiffany and Company Stained Glass Windows

In the Stacks at Pequot Library, you will find our iconic Tiffany & Co. stained glass windows. Completed in 1898, they were a gift of Southport resident Mary Catherine Hull Wakeman, in memory of her daughter, Catherine Hull Wakeman Taintor. The windows – a “triptych” (which means there are three pieces) – were designed by Edward Peck Sperry and were included in the Tiffany Studio catalog of 1910.

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Create a Coat of Arms (Grades K-6)
Create a coat of arms that tells a story about your family.

Create Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows (Grades K-2)


Early Literacy Programs

Learning about the Library (Grades K-2)

Learn about the ways in which the library serves the community, how books are organized at the library, and how to check books out from the library. Suggested activities for students included.

Related Activities:

*Live* Librarian Storytime and Chat!

Want to learn more about the library?  Zoom with us!  Pequot Librarians read stories about the library and answer questions about what it’s like to be a librarian.  For more information or to schedule your live Librarian Storytime and Chat, contact

Learning about the Library Activities and Resources

After watching the Learning about the Library video, check out our list of suggested hands-on activities and resources for students:

Learning about the Library Hands-On Activities

Dewey Decimal Classification System


Adventures in Art

Children learn about the world’s great artists and their works by looking at and discussing art, reading and listening to stories, and creating their own artwork inspired by the masters. Grades K-6.

Claude Monet
Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Claude Monet
Adventures in Art Presentation_Claude Monet

Henri Matisse
Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Henri Matisse
Adventures in Art Presentation_Henri Matisse

Georgia O’Keeffe
Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Georgia O’Keeffe
Adventures in Art Presentation_Georgia O’Keeffe

Eric Carle
Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Eric Carle
Adventures in Art Presentation_Eric Carle

Bind Your Own Book

There are as many types of books as there are readers. What do books mean to you? Follow along to create a binding for a book that inspires you. Grades K-12.

Bind Your Own Book Activity
For an added layer of interest, create beautifully decorated endpapers for your book with our “Make Marbled Paper” activity. This can also be done as a stand-alone activity and is suitable for all ages.

Make Marbled Paper

To learn about the history of bookbinding, check out the guide to our past Special Collections exhibition, Cover to Cover: How People Bind Their Books:

Explore the Cover to Cover Exhibition Guide

Illustration Inspiration

Let Pequot Library’s Special Collections inspire your writing! What do you see, think, and wonder about this illustration from one of our early edition books? Observe and then write a story about what the scene means to you. For grades K-12.

Illustration Inspiration (Grades K-6)

Illustration Inspiration_Merry Wives of Windsor (Grades 6-12)

To learn more about this and other materials from Pequot Library’s Shakespeare collection, take a look at the guide to our previous exhibition, Uncovering Shakespeare.

Explore the Uncovering Shakespeare Exhibition Guide

Visualizing Literature

Books have featured illustration since the beginning of bookmaking, from illuminated manuscripts to graphic novels.  In this lesson, students explore how illustration enhances the reading experience by looking at and discussing early edition illustrated works by William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe Library from Pequot Library’s Special Collections. Students will view illustrations as they appear alongside text and discuss the ways in which artists have interpreted iconic literary works.  They will then choose a passage and create their own illustration that reflects their interpretation of the text, or select an illustration and write a new, unique passage that reflects the illustration in their own words and voice. Grades 9-12.

Visualizing “The Raven”

Visualizing Shakespeare

Create Art Inspired by Poetry

Create a work of art inspired by a poem from one of the literary gems of Pequot Library’s Special Collections. Grades 9-12.

Art Inspired by the Poetry of Phillis Wheatley

Analyzing Primary Sources: Posters

Analyze materials from Pequot Library’s rich collection of WWI posters, using materials from the National Archives. Grades 6-12.

Analyzing U.S. Home Front Efforts: WWI Posters


Scientific discovery in Egypt between the late 18th and early 20th centuries sparked a fascination with the country, its landscapes, art, architecture, and culture among people in the west. Egyptian-inspired designs, or motifs, were reflected in western architecture, art, and culture. We call this enthusiasm related to ancient Egypt Egyptomania. Grades 5-8.

In this lesson, students will view 19th century photographs and illustrations of Egypt from Pequot Library’s Special Collections, then create a work or art or writing inspired by what they’ve seen.

Egyptomania Lesson and Activity

See our exhibition guide to learn more about Pequot Library’s Special Collections exhibition, Egyptomania: The Western Fascination with Egypt.

Explore the Egyptomania Exhibition Guide

George vs. George

It’s time for trivia! Which of these statements is about George Washington and which is about King George III? Find a moderator, gather your trivia team, and get to work on these fun (and interesting!) facts! Grades 3-5.

George vs George Trivia Questions

Interested in learning more about the American Revolutionary War? Check out the educator guide for our Special Collections exhibition, Riot, Sedition, and Insurrection: Media and the Road to the American Revolution, to learn about the media landscape in the thirteen colonies leading up to the war.

Explore the Riot, Sedition, Insurrection Exhibition Guide

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