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Picture Pequot

While we can’t stand “under the arches” right now, we’re still as inspired as ever by the beauty and grace of Pequot Library’s architecture. That’s why we’re calling on members of the community to express their love of Pequot by building their own version of the library at home, and then share with us! We’ll collect everyone’s work and create a special place on our website for all to visit and enjoy. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Picture Pequot Activity

Bind Your Own Book

Grades PK-12. There are as many types of books as there are readers.  What do books mean to you? Follow along to create a binding for a book that inspires you.  

Bind Your Own Book Activity

For an added layer of interest, create beautifully decorated endpapers for your book with our “Make Marbled Paper” activity. This can also be done as a stand-alone activity and is suitable for all ages.

Make Marbled Paper

To learn about the history of bookbinding, check out the guide to our previous Special Collections exhibition, Cover to Cover: How People Bind Their Books:

Cover to Cover_Exhibition Guide

Create a Coat of Arms

Grades PK-5.  Using Pequot Library’s iconic Tiffany & Co. stained glass windows as inspiration, create a coat of arms that tells a story about your family.

Create a Coat of Arms Activity

To learn about Pequot Library’s Tiffany & Co. stained glass windows, take a look:

Pequot Library’s Tiffany Windows


Illustration Inspiration

Grades 3-12. Let Pequot Library’s Special Collections inspire your writing!  What do you see, think, and wonder about this illustration from one of our early edition books?  Observe and then write a story about what the scene means to you.

Illustration Inspiration_Merry Wives of Windsor

To learn more about this and other materials from Pequot Library’s Shakespeare collection, take a look at the guide to our previous exhibition, Uncovering Shakespeare.

Exhibit Guide_Shakespeare

Create Art Inspired by Poetry

Grades 9-12. Create a work of art inspired by a poem from one of the literary gems of Pequot Library’s Special Collections.

Art Inspired by Poetry_Phillis Wheatley

Analyzing Primary Sources: Photographs

Grades K-5. Analyze historic photographs from Pequot Library’s Southport Picture File, using materials from the National Archives.

Primary Source Lesson_Photographs

Photo_analysis_worksheet_novice_National Archives

Analyzing Primary Sources: Posters

Grades 6-12. Analyze materials from Pequot Library’s rich collection of WWI posters, using materials from the National Archives.

Analyzing US Home Front Efforts_WWI Posters

George vs. George

Grades 5-12.  It’s time for trivia!  Which of these statements is about George Washington, and which is about King George III?  Find a moderator, gather your trivia team, and get to work on these fun (and interesting!) facts!

George vs George Trivia Questions

Interested in learning more about the American Revolutionary War?  Check out the educator guide for our previous Special Collections exhibition, Riot, Sedition, and Insurrection: Media and the Road to the American Revolution, to learn about the media landscape in the thirteen colonies leading up to the war.

Educator Guide Riot Sedition Insurrection



Grades 5-8. Are you inspired by Ancient Egypt?  If you could create a work of art, building, or decorative object that reflects the wonders of Egypt, what would it look like?  If you could write a poem or song, what would it say?  Take a journey along the Nile by looking at the 19th century photographs of Egypt from Pequot Library’s Special Collections, then create a work or art or writing inspired by what you’ve seen.

Egyptomania Lesson

Egyptomania Activity

Adventures in Art

Grades PK-5. Children learn about the world’s great artists and their works by looking at and discussing art, reading and listening to stories, and creating their own artwork inspired by the masters.

Claude Monet

Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Claude Monet

Adventures in Art Presentation_Claude Monet

Henri Matisse

Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Henri Matisse

Adventures in Art Presentation_Henri Matisse

Georgia O’Keeffe

Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Georgia O’Keeffe

Adventures in Art Presentation_Georgia O’Keeffe

Eric Carle

Adventures in Art Lesson Plan_Eric Carle

Adventures in Art Presentation_Eric Carle

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