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Special Collections Use

Pequot Library is a place of teaching, learning and discovery. The Special Collections at Pequot Library are incredible educational resources which help us meet those goals. Assembled in one concentrated effort in the period around the opening of the Library in 1893, these Collections include a vast array of more than 30,000 items. Together they form an incredibly rich and vibrant portrait of the literary, religious, political, military, musical, and cultural life of America at the time of the Library’s founding.  They provide context and put in perspective the most pressing issues of the day such as immigration, civil rights, the disconnect between the rhetoric of politics and the reality of our world, and so much more. This is one of the most important and impeccably selected set of collections of its kind in the country.

These Collections are as useful as they are wonderful, possessing a magic that jumps to life. The Library’s holdings can be integrated into the curricula of schools throughout the area, from the 6th grade through graduate school. They can give local students an unrivaled opportunity to move beyond typical research to reviewing primary and historic resources. The Special Collections can become key resources for helping students conceptualize the social and cultural context underlying the ideas and texts that are discussed in their classes, while engaging their imaginations through often dazzling language and illustrations.

We welcome middle and high school students to explore our rich and rare Special Collections. They can provide excellent sources and topics for term papers in American History, English, and the Arts. To illustrate how students might use the Collections for their research, the Library presented a program entitled “Researching Term Papers and Projects: What Pequot’s Special Collections Can Offer.” This program was the first in a long-term outreach effort the Library plans to assist students.

Collections are justified by their use. Pequot Library is eager to give researchers access to the Special Collections. To better preserve them, the Library has established policies for the care and handling of the Collections so that these national treasures might be preserved for generations to come.