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Summer Reading

Summer Reading Lists K-5

There are no official Summer Reading Lists for the Fairfield Public Schools Grades K-5. However, for great suggestions on titles, follow the link below to the new Elementary and Intermediate CT Nutmeg lists. All titles are available in the Library.

2017 Connecticut Elementary Nutmeg Nominees

2017 Connecticut Intermediate Nutmeg Nominees


Connecticut State Library's "On Your Mark, Get Set . . . READ!"




Please see the Tween/Teen Summer Reading Program for the reading lists for grades 7-12.

Summer Reading Program

The goal of our Summer Reading Program is to encourage children to continue reading throughout the summer months, and to provide a fun and free learning activity for the community that can engage children on a daily basis. Our program welcomes pre-readers through readers entering fifth grade. Pre-readers may have books read TO them.

To generate enthusiasm, a lively reading game is designed each year around a particular theme. The purpose of this activity is to provide an incentive: children receive prizes for time spent reading. Any book read at home, on vacation, or in the Library will be eligible for their reading log.

When children sign up in the Library to play, they will be given a reading record. The reading record stays on file in the Library and is updated when kids visit. Again, children keep track of MINUTES READ, not the number of books read. Kids add a sticker to the reading record for every HALF HOUR of reading. Library bucks are earned for every TWO hours through a self-serve, honor system. Additionally, a child will earn the opportunity to spend their bucks in our "store."

The most engaging component of our summer reading program is the VISUAL aspect it provides. Kids select one of several characters related to the current summer’s theme as a way to chart their progress. Following a clothesline which has been strung throughout the Children’s Department, they move their character along it according to how much they have read. Each hour has a milestone marker. Children are able to actually SEE where they are going and where they have been, in terms of time devoted to being readers. They have a self-inspired goal and they are on a journey—what we hope will be a lifelong journey of active reading for pleasure, information and self-discovery.

Come play with us!

This year's theme is medieval: "Be Brave, Lords and Ladies . . . READ!" Registration begins on Saturday, June18, 2017 at 1pm during the "Goats are Kicking! Kicking Off Summer Reading!" event when 3 Nigerian dwarf goats: Myrtle, Niblet and George, will  be visiting the Library. The Summer Reading Game extends through August 26 this year. Click on Upcoming Events tab for current information about this year's program. Call the Children’s Department at (203) 259-0346 ext. 16 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.